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What is Om (Aum), What happens when you chant Om? its Science and benefits.

What is Om (Aum)?

Know that Om chanting is NOT a religious practice. It is a universal syllable. It is a cosmic sound which initiated the creation of the universe. It is science. Modern science is just scratching the surface of this Ancient Vedic Science.

Om is a sacred sound of the Divine. It is a mysterious expression of the infinity, timelessness, eternity and wisdom. Om (vibrations of the Om) is our true nature or higher self, the core of our inner being. This holy monosyllable is the first sound of the creation. It is the nectar of immortality, the light of all lights and the life of all lives. It is an eternal melody of love, peace and harmony. Om means fearlessness, Om means protection, Om means acceptance, Om means happiness. I can go on and on but can not explain this mysterious Om completely.

What happens when you chant OM?

As we all vibrations on a micro level, when we chant Om, again and again, we create its pure vibrations in our body. We become in tune with the vibrations of the Om and we become one with the Om. Om chanting connects us to all that is living, from beings to nature, to the Universe.


It creates positive vibrations in you. You feel happy for no reason.

It purifies your Aura

Purifies the environment within you and people and the environment around you.

Chanting or meditating Om will notice changes in you as you may be looking younger, happier, energetic, and also calm and peaceful.

A long-lasting sense of well-being and balance will manifest into your life.

You will start to appreciate every little thing in your life which will turn you into a magnet to attract good things into your life to be thankful for.

It improves your concentration and helps you focus on whatever your goals may be.

It opens up the sinuses to clear the airways.

It has a calming effect on our nervous system.

Relaxes our mind and body, blood pressure decreases, and the heart beats with a regular rhyme.

Gives us better control over our emotions being able to face life with a clear and rational mind.

When chanted in a group, produce an immense positive vibration

Regular chanting of this Mantra will take you on a spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity,

Make Om chanting part of your daily routine to see the visible changes in your life.

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