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Healing Arts


MIND BODY SOUL HEALING ARTS promotes and creates Physical Healing, Emotional Well-being, and Spiritual Awakening. As we trust ourselves and become open to these spiritual practices, we begin to be conscious of our inner selves in every thought, word, feeling and action. As we unlock the door to higher realms and pure awareness, we bring love, appreciation, kindness, generosity, and compassion into our lives. When we manifest a life of balance, harmony, abundance and success, we see it reflected within us and around us.

Ever since 2007, Miriam López has been known as an international Psychic Medium and Spiritual-Clairvoyant Healer/Teacher. Through communicating with her grandmothers who are no longer of the Physical Realm, Miriam found that she was a bridge for the Spirit and Physical Realms. Miriam uses this “gift from God” to communicate with Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved ones through performing psychic, mediumship readings and spiritual healing.
Miriam’s warm, gentle, and cheerful soul allow her to heal and channel in such a way that her clients are able to fully experience the healing energy through laughter and “tears- of-joy.” As Miriam considers her profession to be a true honor, it is of no surprise that clients are moved by the passion and love that Miriam has for her life purpose and genuine desire to assist others in their personal growth. The compassionate guidance that Miriam gives her clients renders powerful results.
In the process of using her talents to create enjoyment and blessings, Miriam exhibits love, kindness, and compassion during all of her daily interactions, psychic, mediumship astrology readings, healing sessions, meditation and yoga classes. Miriam is grateful for her credentials and professional experience.

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