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Nicole, Cadiz Spain

It's said that the people who are destined to have a profound impact on your life only come into it when you are the most desperate for help or the most open to light, and this is no more true than of Miriam's role in my life. I can say with certainty that I wouldn't be where I am now without her help, guidance, support, and insight. I went to see Miriam for a reading almost a year ago exactly, at a time when I felt very lost and confused. Through a reading, she helped guide me to see what it was I really wanted to do most in life - to write - and also gave me a set of guidelines, based on her psychic understanding of the specific problems troubling me, that helped me restore myself back to emotional and spiritual health. The emotional happiness I achieved by following her advice enabled me to pursue my heart's true dream - to move abroad and work as a traveling writer - and if it weren't for Miriam's insight, I would never have had the strength or courage to change my course in life! In my second reading, right before I left for Sevilla, Miriam helped me to visualize and prepare for my new life, and she also told me of the things I can look forward to! It's hard to condense how important Miriam's readings were to my life into one paragraph, but I can say this: last year, Miriam told me that my true heart's desire wasn't going into a pastry business, as I was doing, and that she saw me happy in a different job, doing what I truly loved, living someplace in Europe. And now, less than a year later, I am doing what I always dreamed of - writing - in southern Spain! She helped me to find my course, to heal my soul, and she knew and understood things about me that no one else does, sometimes even myself! Miriam and her gifts helped make me whole again, and I am forever grateful!

Jessica, Ft. Collins Colorado

I have met with Miriam for readings and for a reiki session. Her insight and intuition are uncanny and she inspires energetic, spiritual, and emotional peace.  Through her gifted skill she encourages me to fulfill my soul desires and fuels confidence. In a very loving, gentle, but honest and concise way she communicates areas of my personal life and/or habits that need altering to bring me more serenity in my life. Miriam’s energy healing is so fantastic that I don’t know if there are words to accurately describe the experience. Utter stillness, bliss, lightness, rebirth are a few ways to describe the after affects. I am a willing, interested skeptic in non-Western practices and Miriam astonishes me with her abilities every time. She is a beautiful, caring, compassionate woman who has inspired and helped heal not only myself, but several of my closest friends. I recommend Miriam with the highest honors.

Henry, Albuquerque NM

Miriam seems to have an uncanny ability to pick up on unspoken truths about a person.  On top of that, there is no doubt in my mind that she is coming from a place of love and concern.  These attributes are hard to find in one person and I am lucky to have found Miriam.



“Hi! Miriam I'm feeling very light, peaceful and lots of tranquility! after my healing session. Thank you so much for coming into my life... Thank you so much; may God bless you.”

— Ruth

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