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Camel: Replenishment, Survival
Camel is one of the two survival totems-the other is Cockroach. This totem gives you the strength to get over the hurdles that life throws at you and endure. Even though the road is hard and you don't have a lot of support, know that you will succeed in the end. Camel also gives you the ability to remain positive in the harshest of times and experiences. Camel philosophy is always "the glass is half full." Camel people often have unusual sleep habits, rarely sleeping through the night. They often power nap instead. This is the totem of accomplishing the impossible.

Canary: Power of Song and Voice
A Canary totem gives you the power of your voice. This doesn't necessarily mean musical training, but sound, whether spoken or sung, is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. With it, you can heal, enlighten, excite, manifest and awaken. Your words will have more force - they will be felt more lovingly or hurt more deeply. Canary stimulates the heart and throat chakras. This gives the increased ability to feel and to express feelings. People with a Canary totem may have past life connections. Fresh air is very important to Canary people. Canary can teach you how to eliminate the "sour" notes from your life and bring in the sounds of joy. 

Cardinal: Recognizing your Self Importance
The appearance of Cardinal is a signal to stop everything and look around. Observe what is around you, where you are at that moment. Recognize the importance of each and every day, and how each day can affect our life's purpose. If there is someone near you, check to see if they are in need and can use your help and compassion. Cardinal asks you to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and if necessary, take care of any health problems. Eat good food, not just junk food. Don't put your health on the back burner - your physical body is just as important as your spiritual one. Cardinal also reminds you to listen to your feminine side, the creative side. And don't forget to add some color to your life; especially the color red. Red is the color of strength. It is the key to knowing who you are. The color red is the color of compassion and love. Passion is red. Red can clear away feelings of inadequacy and give you courage. Red opens to door to inner confidence.

Cat: Mystery, Magic and Independence 
Cat gives you the ability to be self-sufficient and independent. To trust in your own capabilities. Cat people trust their own instincts rather than someone else's advice. You sometimes tend to be in a world of your own, oblivious to what is happening around you. Cat encourages agility in both body and mind and gives you clearer perception. This spirit helper is resourceful, strong and fearless. It will give you courage and confidence. With this totem, magic and mystery come alive so pay close attention to signs and omens. More cats are familiars that any other species because of their ties to magic. 

Catbird: Communication
Catbird is the great communicator of the bird world and it shares this gift with you. It can teach you how to communicate effectively and to select your words carefully. Catbirds are noisy and often draw unwanted attention to themselves - something you also need to be watch for. Words can easily be distorted and turned into malicious gossip. So today, be extra careful about what you say and try to use Catbird's gift of communication to your advantage

Chameleon: Clairvoyance
Chameleon gives their totem people the awareness of their own psychic ability and intuition. People with this totem are very sensitive to their environment and often are able to see auras around people. If you have a Chameleon totem, you need to trust what you feel and sense. Chameleon's color changes symbolize the inconstancy of life and the uncertainty of fortune, while its eyes see both the past and the future, giving its totem people the power of clairvoyance.

Cheetah: Speed and Flexibility
Flexibility is essential for Cheetah people. It is necessary to have a flexible body and spirit for a healthy and fulfilled life. Speed and maneuverability is also paramount to their well-being. They must respond quickly, instantly to all opportunities and dangers. Cheetah people must learn to rest after period of stress and effort. They must never over-heat or over-exhaust their energies. Cheetah gives their totem people the great capacity to feel and respond quickly to the hurt of others. This is a wonderful totem for a healer. Cheetah also reminds us that sometimes we must struggle and shed many a tear before we are successful. Cheetah people tend to be solitary and have a select few

Chickadee: Cheerful and Truthful Expression
Chickadee is associated with the thinking process, higher mind and higher perceptions. It is also associated with mystery and the feminine. Chickadee can help you uncovering the mysteries of the mind. With a Chickadee totem, you can perceive more clearly in the dark and understand higher truths. Chickadees are a social bird, usually traveling in groups, and this is reflected in their totem people. They love being with people and are usually cheerful and fearless. People with this totem always tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts - however, with Chickadee's help, they can learn to express the truth in a manner that heals, balances and opens the perceptions. Truth can be shared in a way that adds joy to everyone's lives.

Chipmunk: Work and Play
Chipmunk is a wonderful totem because it gives you permission to play. To balance work with periods of just having fun. It is a curious totem and shares that innate curiosity with you. Check things out - investigate - and learn in a fun way. The appearance of Chipmunk is a sign that you are well protected and safe. Chipmunk can teach you how to read the voices of others. To know truth and lies through the sound, inflection and pitch their voices. Trust what you hear in their voice rather than their actual words. Practice this until it becomes second nature with you - and always trust your feelings. If they sound wrong, investigate further before committing. Chipmunk, like Squirrel, also shows you to store for a rainy day. Not to point of hoarding, but just so you have enough to fall back on. When you have a little extra cash, save it instead of spending it right away. If you don't spend it on little stuff, you just might be able to save enough for something really great in the future.

Cockroach: Survival
Contrary to what most people think about the Cockroach, it is a wonderful totem. The Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us for survival. To clean out the dead and useless aspects of our lives. When the Cockroach appears as a totem, our sensitivity to subtle changes will be magnified. We will have the power to scurry out of danger. People with this totem often find that they had an abbreviated childhood - a premature movement into adulthood, the necessity to take on early responsibility. Although often seen as a disgusting animal, the Cockroach is actually a gifted teacher in the art of survival and successful adaptability, especially in environment that may seem a bit hostile.

Cougar, Mountain Lion: Leadership
This is a very powerful, but very difficult totem. Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power, how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power. This totem's gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace. It is the balance of body, mind and spirit. The first responsibility of leadership is truth. Remember: Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it you can take charge of your life. You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack. If you see Cougar (either the animal or an image), you are being called to lead. You must be decisive and not procrastinate. Move forward with courage and always keep your eyes on the goal. 

Coyote: Wisdom, Folly
The Coyote teaches you how wisdom and folly go hand-in-hand. In the folly of others, we see our own foolishness and we learn from their mistakes. Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust. It stimulates and renews innocence and reawakens a childlike wisdom in the world. A Coyote's howl touches your soul, reminding us of our primal connections. Coyote people are very adaptive to new situations and have close-knit families, especially when children are involved.

Crab: Protected Sensitivity
Crab can show us how to hide and be protected; and it can also signify coming out of our shell. You need to ask yourself if you are exposing too much of your inner being or if you are too withdrawn and hiding in your shell. Crab people are usually very sensitive, shy and self-protective. Their trust must be earned. If Crab has entered your life, examine issues of sensitivity and reclusiveness.

Crane: Longevity and Focus
Crane gives the gift of focus. Crane shows you that sometimes you need to focus on one thing instead of trying to do several projects at the same time. With the help of Crane, you can tap into your creativity through focus. Great writers and painters focus only on the book they are writing or the painting they are creating at that moment. Crane also gives you the gift of balance - and it teaches you how to balance work and play, job and family, etc. Be sure to call on Crane when you feel out of balance or you are being pulled in too many directions.

Cricket: Intuition and Belief
The appearance of Cricket in your life heralds an awakening of sensitivities and finding light within the dark. Dreams become more clairvoyant. Trust in your intuition - it is more accurate than you believe. Just as Cricket sheds its outer shell in order to grow, so must you - shed what is not needed in order to grow in spirit. Make sure to stay grounded and balanced while exploring your intuition and psychic abilities. The appearance of Cricket might also be a reminder that you are using psychic powers without proper grounding. 

Crocodile & Alligator: Primal Energies
The Crocodile or Alligator totem contains the unbridled creative forces of the world, the fury and ferocity of Primal Energies. It is the symbol of creation and destruction. The Crocodile or Alligator is the keeper and protector of all knowledge. She is the primal mother in whom all knowledge rests and waits to be born. People with a Crocodile or Alligator totem have the opportunity to develop new wisdom but they must be careful not to be consumed by this wisdom. Study each bit of knowledge carefully before going on to the next. Care of the eyes is important for Crocodile or Alligator people. Also beneficial are breathing techniques like those practiced in Yoga. When a Crocodile or Alligator shows up look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There will be an opportunity for new knowledge and wisdom.

Crow: Keeper of the Sacred Law
Crows are the keepers of the Sacred Law and to have a Crow totem is very powerful. Personal Integrity is your watchword and your guide in Life. If you have a Crow totem, your prime path is to be mindful of your opinions and actions. You must be willing to walk your talk, to speak your truth and to know your life's mission. Crow is an omen of Change. Things that you have been working toward will come to fruition when Crow appears. Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time; therefore, it sees past, present and future simultaneously. Crow merges both light and dark, both inner and outer. It is the totem of the Great Spirit and must be respected as such.

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