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Kangaroo: Moving Forward
Kangaroo only moves forward, never backward and Kangaroo people should do the same. Once you've achieved momentum in your endeavor, keep moving forward and never look back. Progress is happen in leaps and bounds. Kangaroo also teaches how to balance the creative energies needed to complete your task. Those with a Kangaroo totem are given the strength and power needed. You will have the strength and stamina to continue, just as long as you go forward and not backward. 

Kingfisher, Kookaburra: New Paths, Prosperity, Peace
The Kingfisher (the Australian Kookaburra is of this family) is a symbol of peace and prosperity. The Kingfisher is the promise of abundance -- its blue plumage is associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. People with a Kingfisher totem need to live as near to water and as far north as they can. If this isn't possible, then a water feature with flowing water is essential. And they have a knack of teaching their children how to enjoy life and how to prosper at the same time. If a Kingfisher comes into your life, you might be required to dive headlong into some activity -- or possibly a new love will enter your life. No matter what it is, don't be afraid of trying the new. Kingfisher will be there to guide you. You won't drown -- and you will have sunshine, love and abundance!

Kite: Adaptability and Flexibility
Kites are associated with spirits and the underworld and can show us how to maneuver in this realm. Many mediums have Kites as their Totem when they begin to develop their ability to communicate with the dead. Kites teach the breathing techniques necessary to open psychic abilities. Any time a Kite shows up, it is a signal to develop flexibility and adaptability. Kites are messages to use our skills. Kites are part of the Falcon family and Falcon should be studied also.

Komodo Dragon: Survival Instincts and Impulses
A Komodo Dragon totem gives you the ability to trust in your survival instincts and move ahead with your life. This totem gives you quick decisions, changes and actions. Its appearance heralds a time of new adventures and journeys, physical and spiritual, that will help you control and direct the creative forces for the future. These changes will be long lasting; however, if you fail to act, the opportunity may not return for a long time. Be careful of the power of your words with a Komodo Dragon totem -- speak more gently and more lovingly. Words can be poisonous and we must guard them carefully.

Ladybug: Wish Fulfilled
The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck and protection in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Their presence signals a time of shielding from our own aggravations and pests. Fall and Spring are the most abundance times for a person with a Ladybug totem. Higher goals and new heights are possible with a Ladybug totem. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about. Ladybug also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true.

Lark, Nightingale: The Mystery of Sound
For those to whom the lark or nightingale appears, the mysteries and science of sound, music and voice will be important and the shamanic aspects of song and sorcery will become unveiled. The creative power of voice awakens. Words spoken will take on greater power and magic. Things spoken lovingly will be felt more deeply; things spoken harshly will cut more deeply. The power of the voice is awakening. 

Lion: Feminine Power
The Lion is the symbol of the sun and of gold, both regal components. Therefore, always keep your head high and your dignity intact. You are much stronger than you think for Lion gives you great power and emotional strength. You have a well of courage inside of you. A Lion totem presents a lesson in dealing with groups and your role within those groups. It is a totem for avoiding confrontations and for stealth. Take the easy way to meet your goals; do not confront them head on. A Lion totem leads you to trust in your feminine energies - creativity, intuition and imagination. Always follow your heart rather than trying to rationalize the problem.

Lizard: Dreaming
Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you manifest them physically. If you have a Lizard totem, listen to our own intuition above anyone else's. Pay attention to your dreams for they show us what we do not perceive when awake. Dreams are shadows showing your fears and hopes. Make a dream log and record your dreams. Look for your symbolic and reoccurring dreams and study them carefully. Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life. Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others to accomplish what is necessary. Lizard helps you awaken the ability for objective detachment. It can show you how to break from the past.

Llama: Surefootedness
When a Llama appears as your totem, you will find that your footing is secure. You will be able to maneuver through paths that are steep and dangerous. If you are worried about a situation, relax. Llama will guide you to the right path. Climb slowly and safely - don't rush into things and fall. Also, be aware of being stubborn and refusing to move forward. Llama is a herd animal so seek out the company of others rather than spending time alone. Ask yourself these questions: Are others putting too much a burden on us? Are we doing this to ourselves? The appearance of Llama asks many questions, but gives us much in return.

Loon: Hopes, Dreams, Wishes
The haunting call of the Loon tells you that the hopes, dreams and wishes that you have tucked away will come to the surface. When a Loon shows up as a totem it is calling you to pay attention to your dreams. They will be of greater importance. For those with a Loon totem, imagination and dreaming abilities are powerful. Images and visions will be very lifelike and you must separate the real from the unreal. Loon will help you seeing the truth. The Loon awakens the imagination and reminds us that all hopes, dreams and wishes can become realities.

Lynx: Secrets
Lynx is the keeper of lost magic and occult knowledge. Lynx is the guardian of the secrets and, more importantly, the knower of the secrets. Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance. If the medicine is strong in you, you will get mental pictures concerning people and the secrets they hide. You will see their fears, lies, and self-deceptions. With a Lynx totem, people will share their secrets with you. They will take you into their confidence and you will "accidentally" discover things about people (whether you want to or not). You must be very careful not to break confidences. Your words must be chosen carefully and used cautiously. Strength through silence must be your motto. You do not have to do anything with the secrets you learn, you, like the Lynx, are the keeper of secrets. Listen to your higher self.

Magpie: Intelligence, Familiars, Occult Knowledge
A Magpie totem helps you use whatever metaphysical or occult knowledge you have - no matter how incomplete it may be. The flip side is that Magpie people can become jacks of all trades, but masters of none - dabbling into everything. Be careful to apply your intelligence to the task and take it to its completion. Magpies have the ability to open up the doorways to the Spirit and Fairy Realms. Magpies have been familiars and if you have one as a totem, it might have been your familiar in a past life. If this is the case, Magpie will be at your side permanently, helping you as it did in the past. 

Meerkat: Watchfulness, Group Dynamics
A Meerkat totem teaches how to live within the dynamics of a group, even to sacrifice oneself for the good of the group. It teaches how to be alert and watchful. Meerkats are a female dominate society; therefore the female is very important. If you are a female, Meerkat will show how to find your strength; if you are a man, this totem will show you how to honor your female partner and support her endeavors for the good of the family. 

Mockingbird: Finding your Sacred Song
The appearance of Mockingbird signals that it is time to share your inner gifts and not keep them hidden any longer. People with a Mockingbird totem are known for their talents, rather than their appearance. Therefore, look at people through their talents rather than what is on the outside. A beautiful cover can conceal a bad book. Mockingbirds are singers and they call on you to sing along with them. They will help you find your "sacred song" or your life's purpose and Mockingbird will help you "sing" it without fear. Remember that your inner song is never lost - if you missed one opportunity, another one will always appear. Mockingbird also helps you see the life purpose of others - you see what is hidden to most.

Mole: Sense of Touch, Underworld Guidance
A Mole totem gives you a heightened sense of touch. You either derive more pleasure from this or become more aloof because of your sensitivity. Psychic touch is also possible with a Mole totem. People with a Mole totem need to trust their senses. They will know what is true and what is false with just a touch. Mole is also a guide to the Underworld, to hidden treasures and mysterious places. Fresh air is extremely important to a Mole person.

Monkey: Dark and Light 
The Monkey represents the dark side of the human psyche, but also holds the key to right living. See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. The ability to see both the dark and the light may unexpectedly enrich and strengthen. The Monkey totem is creative and imaginative. It can lead you into a deeper study of the origins of the human species and the examination of ancient wisdom. Its agile mentality provides you with inspiration and insight when you most need it.

Moose: Self-Esteem, Primal Feminine Energies
Moose is one of the most ancient of the power totems. A Moose totem gives you sacred and unique energy. With a Moose totem you will be full of contradictions. Awkward yet graceful. Large yet able to move swiftly and silently. Moose people usually have excellent depth perception. Moose is also associated with the maternal forces of the world, the primal feminine energies. This can be awakened through water or the sea, the womb of life. Mediate using the sounds of water or ocean. Autumn is the power time of the Moose. People with a Moose totem instinctively know balance: when to use gentleness, when to use strength. They know what to say, when to say it and to whom. Moose people are usually wise beyond their years.

Moth: Relationships; Sense of Smell
Moths are messengers. When they fly around you in great numbers, expect a message to come to you. A single Moth flying around you can mean that what was hidden will be revealed. Moth can cut through confusion, so ask Moth for help when you are being pulled in many directions and are unsure of what project to tackle first. Moth gives you good instincts - when you meet someone, ask yourself if he/she "feels" right. If they feel wrong, walk away. Moth can help you attract a romantic partner; but be sure to trust your senses. If the person is wrong for you, you will feel that the attraction is wrong and may even be repelled by that person. However, if it does feel right, essential oils rather than perfumes or other man-made fragrances will enhance the attraction. Moths are nocturnal so if Moth is your totem you are more active during the evenings and nights.

Mouse: Scrutiny, Detail
Mouse is a great totem when you are feeling overwhelmed and disorganized for Mouse's gift is scrutiny and detail. However, this can also be a great weakness, for people with a Mouse totem can become fixated on methodology and appear to be nit-pickers. They will make the simplest task fraught with difficulty. Everything must be in order in a Mouse's house. Therefore, you must learn that it is good to pay attention to all details, but bad to over-analyze every little thing. If Mouse appears to you, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life. Have you become too focused on one or two activities and neglecting opportunities around you? Or are you trying to do too many things at the same time? Mouse medicine can show how to focus and how to attain the big things by working on the little things.

Nautilus: Intelligence and Camouflage
Nautilus is the symbol of beauty and proportional perfection. Appearance is important to those with this totem - but this is not vanity, but environment. A Nautilus looks one way from above and another from below -- making it blend into its surroundings. They have the ability to conserve their living environment and make it a safe, comfortable place to be. 

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